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- Debunk myths about what Paleo is and empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to help yourself and your family.
- Learn the food changes that will make the biggest impact to your health, moods and weight and how to implement them step by step.
- Understand how to read food labels and what to restock your pantry and fridge with for the healthier, happier and calmer you
- Create a mindset for successful and lasting change and your own individualised month-by-month plan
- Learn tips from an everyday busy mum who has made the changes herself and wants to see you succeed
- Join a private Facebook group for ongoing support and inspiration
- Easy to understand and follow. Immediate and lifetime access.
- Money back guarantee: if you complete it and don't see the value, get your money back

This mini course on reading food labels will give you a clearer, simpler way through the confusion so you can start making better food choices for yourself and your family. Learning this way of reading food labels will give you back the feeling of control and the knowledge to change the direction of your weight, health, moods and healing.