Aussie Paleo Step by Step: The transitioning phase

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Learn why so many people are benefiting from making food changes:

  • More energy to get back into life instead of watching from the sidelines
  • Less bloating, puffiness and digestive issues
  • Headaches and joint pain disappearing
  • Better blood glucose control for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases and skin conditions improving
  • Clearer concentration and better sports endurance
  • Less meltdowns and calmer and happier children
  • Depression, anxiety and low moods improving
  • Healing leaky gut and rebalancing hormones.


Aussie Paleo Step by Step: The Transitioning Phase

  • Debunk myths about WHAT Paleo is and WHY it is working for so many people.
  • EMPOWER yourself with the knowledge and confidence to help yourself and your family
  • LEARN the food changes that will make the biggest impact to your health and moods, heal your gut and rebalance hormones.
  • START or RESTART your lasting and enjoyable road to a happier, healthier and calmer you.
  • Checklist of small doable changes - tick off progress at your own pace.
  • Understand HOW to read food labels, WHAT to restock your pantry and fridge with and WHERE to find things in Australia.
  • 3 Mindset activities to set you up for successful and lasting change  (because change is a mental game isn't it!)
  • CREATE your own individualised month-by-month plan
  • Learn TIPS and get favourite recipes from an everyday busy mum who has made the changes herself and wants to see you succeed
  • Join a private Facebook group for ongoing support and inspiration
  • Easy to understand and follow.

Start TODAY! Gain immediate access and keep it as an ongoing resource for life! 

"Really great course, it has motivated me to take action and make some changes. I liked the print outs, like the check lists, cheat sheets etc." Kat

"Fantastic practical tips and very encouraging" Cheryl

“Just the motivation I needed to get back on track”

“Absolutely fabulous. It was not intimidating at all for someone new to paleo to feel that can do it.

"I'm loving everything...amazing how much stronger my taste buds are now...everything seems to have so much more flavour. Cant believe all the benefits. another few kilos down...9 in total now. Feeling the most content I've ever felt...isn't it amazing" Ange


Format of course: Videos; audio file option; downloadable resources, checklists and recipes.

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