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COURSE: Aussie Paleo Step by Step #1: The transitioning phase

Making the impossible…possible! Learn a step-by-step approach to Paleo inspired food and lifestyle changes that are doable and enjoyable.

This online workshop is based on the popular live workshops run by Melinda Blundell AKA Emu Paleo Girl from Western Sydney, Australia.

Now you can attend in the comfort of your own home and complete it at your own pace.

Not just for Aussies…This is about making the transition from any standard modern diet to a real food way of nourishing yourself and your family for better health, moods and weight loss.

Learn what Paleo is really about (I’ll debunk some myths) and why it is working for so many people. You don’t need to be ready to make all the changes, just inspired to find out more.

Gain the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to start making positive changes towards a happier, healthier and calmer household.

Complete it all in an afternoon or over multiple days and then replay it whenever you need to top up your motivation levels.

What’s included?

    • Easy to follow lessons with over 90 minutes of video plus downloadable resources.
    • Audio files to download if you prefer to listen to the workshop while you are walking or travelling.
    • Melinda’s personal story of how finding food changes has made her and her family happier, healthier and calmer.
    • Learn what Paleo is really about and understand why certain things are on the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ list.
    • Change is a mental game isn’t it! 3 Mindset activities for successful change to leave you motivated and confident to start.
    • Lots of personal tips, a lesson in reading food labels, favourite starting recipes and where to find ingredients in Australia.
    • Step by Step approach of small changes for the transitioning phase that are less overwhelming and much more achievable.
    • Private Facebook Group ‘Aussie Paleo Step by Step’ for ongoing peer support and inspiration.



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Online Course